Our School Values

Child-Centred: We take a child centred approach to education which moves beyond the curriculum and academics by placing an emphasis on the child’s social, emotional, mental and physical well-being. We strive to provide each child with a range of experiences to unearth talents and skills and ensure that each child reaches their full potential in a warm and caring environment through a wide variety of school and community-based activities and experiences.

Co-Educational: We aim to encourage, support, and provide equal opportunities to all pupils, regardless of their gender or identity. We equip the children in our care with the tools to identify and challenge gender inequalities and stereotypes. We nurture respectful relationships amongst our pupils, enabling them to socialise and communicate in a positive way.

Democratic: Our school is a democratic environment where students, parents and staff have a voice in how the school is run. We encourage critical and creative thinking amongst our pupils and an open approach to problem solving. All community members work with integrity and in partnership to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for learning.

Equality-Based: Our school is committed to the principle of equality for all. All children have equal access to the school and no one religion or worldview is given priority over another. All children have equality to learn and work towards their highest possible levels of achievement. Our pupils are taught to welcome and celebrate diversity and to understand the importance of equality in everyday life both within and outside of the school.

The ethos of our school clearly reflects our commitment to respecting all members of our school community.