School Vision

The Vision Statement is the aspirational long-term goal.

We aspire for our school to be an educational centre of excellence and innovation. Our school will be a kind and safe place in which to learn. Children are at the heart of all that we do at Douglas Rochestown ETNS. On completion of their primary education with us, we expect that all children will have experienced a broad and balanced curriculum that has provided them with opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Our approach to teaching and learning is based on developing critical thinking and problem- solving skills. The children will be cherished members of the community and understand their rights as well as their responsibilities to each other and the environment in which they live. They will be caring and active members of a culturally diverse society. On leaving our school, children will have the literacy and numeracy skills to continue their educational journey.

Children will have an understanding of how to look after their physical and mental health, safety and bodily autonomy. They will also know how to manage their own learning and be motivated to continue learning throughout their lives.

Relationships are central to this vision among pupils, staff, parents and the wider school community. We understand the importance of relationships based on trust, integrity and good communication. We provide our staff members with opportunities to fulfill their potential and enable them to contribute fully to our school community. We hope that the school will be a learning centre that serves the wider community by sharing skills and fostering public engagement.