Tag Rugby Blitz

Mar 5, 2024

On Thursday, the 22nd of February, Clare and Holly‘s fifth class took part in a tag rugby blitz. We took a bus to Sundays Well RFC located in Musgrave/Virgin Media Park where we met our Munster Rugby coach Sana, and the schools we were playing against. We put our bags and coats in a large changing room and began at 10am. We played on the grass pitch which was very, VERY mucky. As we played, we slipped and slided all over the place, but in the spirit of fun we persevered. The more games we played, the better we got. We were all covered in so much mud that it took us a while to wash up for lunch, but luckily we were given the chance to eat in the new fancy Sundays Well RFC changing rooms. Suddenly we heard the news that we needed to rush over through the hailstones to the seats in Musgrave park, where we would get the chance to watch the Ireland u20’s rugby team train. We were all given posters that the team really kindly signed for us! We played a few more tag matches and did some cheerleading on the sidelines as we supported our classmates. After a quick tidy-up and a change of clothes, it was time to receive our goodie-bags before getting back on the bus and going home. It was a really fun day for everyone and we can’t wait for our 2nd trip in April! 

Written by Mila Devitt (Holly’s 5th Class).