About Educate Together

Educate Together Schools

Educate Together is the Patron body of Douglas Rochestown Educate Together National School and 95 other national schools nationwide.

Educate Together is committed to delivering an excellent education to your child. Our schools are learning communities where boys and girls learn together and parental involvement is encouraged.

Educate Together Ethos

Educate Together is an independent NGO that runs schools that guarantee equality of access and esteem to children “irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background”, are learner centred in their approach to education and are run as participatory democracies, with respectful partnership between parents, pupils and teachers.

An Educate Together school is a national school for primary school pupils. Our ethos is based on four principles:

  • Co-educational
  • Child-centred
  • Democratic
  • Equality-based.

Our schools teach the subjects of the 1999 Revised Primary School Curriculum. We also teach an ethical programme called ‘Learn Together‘.

For more information, visit www.educatetogether.ie.