At Douglas Rochestown ETNS we work closely with parents/guardians to support our children’s learning. Parental involvement is a key aspect of an Educate Together school. There are many ways that parents/guardians can become involved such as:

  • Board of Management.
  • Committees – e.g. Green Committee.
  • Parents’ Association.
  • Class Activities – e.g. guest speakers.
  • Home – supporting your child with their education at home.

There is a no-uniform policy in all Educate Together schools. We do, however, ask that the children wear comfortable clothing and runners to facilitate the various activities of the school day.

We encourage parents/guardians to provide healthy lunches for the pupils. Please note that, due to allergies, the following are NOT allowed:

  • nuts or nut products
  • kiwis
  • sesame products.

Thank you for your understanding.