Learn Together Assembly 29th January: Senior Infants and 4th Class

Feb 14, 2022

We had a wonderful Learn Together assembly hosted by Senior Infants and 4th class about Islam and Gender Equality.

Senior Infants:

In January, Senior Infants were learning all about the Islamic faith. We learned about the 5 pillars of Islam, and in particular, a period of fasting called Ramadan, which is followed by a festival, called Eid. We loved singing a song called ‘Ramadan Moon’, which celebrates the importance of both Ramadan and Eid. We also tried our hands at some Arabic writing (which was lots of fun!), we painted and built mosques, and explored some Islamic pattern art.

4th Class: Kevin

4th Class had an assembly on Friday. The assembly was all about gender equality. Kevin’s Fourth Class worked really hard because they only had three days to prepare, but what they had prepared in those three days was astonishing! Kevin (the teacher) made a PowerPoint all about gender equality and the students read out interesting facts about gender equality and shared their dreams for a more gender equal world. At the end, there was a Kahoot quiz and 6th Class won. Overall the assembly was a great success and everyone enjoyed it.

4th Class: Ellen

See the photographs attached below. Thank you to all for their hard work!